The Caribbean and the world, the birth of a unique region

Caribbean is Paradise vous propose de découvrir ce que la Caraïbe a de mieux à vous offrir. A très vite!

The Caribbean, the 8th Wonder of the World

An exceptional region that is home to the best the world has to offer.

The tropical weather and exotic landscapes of the Caribbean are worthy of postcards, and there is great cultural diversity in such a relatively
small space.

Consisting of more than thirty islands and islets, the Caribbean has unique fauna and flora, creating a great atmosphere that reflects the friendly and festive spirit, throughout the Caribbean basin.

… a meeting place…

The very special atmosphere of the Caribbean makes it one of the liveliest regions in the world. There is an ambiance of shared and fraternal joy all year round.

As such, the region is considered one of the most
popular destinations for an unforgettable vacation. Thus, every year, millions of people of all nationalities come to the Caribbean to enjoy this paradisiacal setting, the festive atmosphere and the quality creations of our local minds and producers.

All of this is kept alive by the cultural diversity characteristic of the region, which is full of talent and creations of excellence. Each island of the Caribbean is a world in itself, with its own culture, traditions, know-how and of course, its own ambition.

However, they remain connected to one another, so that a Caribbean person will always consider themselves at home, no matter where they are in the region.

The Caribbean is the result of the convergence of all the cultures of the world and a desire to always want to stand out, to open up, while keeping its own identity.

… that stands for excellence.

The Caribbean is not only one of the most beautiful regions on Earth. There are also numerous talented people that have been able to utilise their surroundings, the weather and know-how in order to take advantage of the resources at their disposal to the fullest. The Caribbean, land of
champions, has given birth and seen the growth of exceptional people such as Bob Marley, Teddy Riner, Aimé Césaire, Derek Alton Walcott, Rihanna, Machel Montano and many others who have left a mark in their generation and those to come.

The Caribbean, a land of excellence, also takes pride in myriad of
talented artisans and producers whose creations, for the most part, have already amazed theworld with their quality. Caribbean liqueurs, especially rums, works of art such as the pictorial and sculptural productions of Haitian artists, Cuban cigars, Grenadian spices… they only represent a tiny part of the Caribbean artistic and cultural heritage.

This small jewel that is the Caribbean, with countless stars as islands and their people, continues to have a pronounced taste for luxury and quality work.

Caribbean is Paradise invites you to discover the best that the Caribbean has to offer. . See you soon!

Caribbean sunset on the beach
Sunset on a Caribbean beach

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