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  • Guadeloupe

    Agricultural Old Rum Montebello 10 years old – 42°.


    The quality of this 10 years old MONTEBELLO Rum is obtained by ageing in American oak barrels that have contained bourbon.

    Although it is a blend, this 10 years old rum has everything it takes to be convincing.

    The aromatic weave remains fixed in the very essence of the CARRÈRE Distillery: empyreumatic. Indeed, the unique ageing methods of MONTEBELLO allow a more important extraction, hence this “Smoky” side.

    A delicacy to match with a Montecristo n°4 or a platter of cooked pressed cheese.

  • Guadeloupe

    Agricultural Old Rum Montebello 8 years old – 42°.


    This 8 years old rum which shows generosity and richness is a warm and intense rum originating from the archipelago of Guadeloupe.

    Elaborated in Petit-Bourg in the heart of the family distillery MONTEBELLO, this 8 year old rum reveals with elegance flavours of citrus fruits, very ripe fruits and woody vanilla. A whole freshly enhanced by fine mentholated and delicately spicy notes. Its robe is tinged with gold and its reflections of copper.

    This MONTEBELLO old rum has been aged for 8 years in oak barrels before being reduced to 42° and bottled. To be served with a Davidoff Escurio (Dominican Republic) or poached carrot balls topped with black tea and roasted sesame.

  • Out of stock


    Montebello – White rum – The Bolokos – 70cl – 76°


    The nose opens on notes of earthy cane, gently giving way to grapefruit zest. The power is present, but perfectly mastered. The mouth is an explosion of freshly cut cane, mixing with chlorophyll and grey pepper. Even by simply dipping the lips in it, the length is infinite. In the image of its creator, this Bolokos rum is an ACDC concert with a Franck Sinatra background.

    Simply beautiful. Enjoy at room temperature, or chilled.

  • Alcohol

    Montebello Agricultural White Rum, OVATION, 50°.


    Straight from Guadeloupe, this white rum, named OVATION, pays homage to the growing work of Agricultural White Rums. If the famous Guadeloupean brand of MONTEBELLO offered us timeless white rums until then, its latest creations breathe a wind of renewal!
    The Bolokos‘ and the Ovation‘ are two perfect examples.

  • Caribbean Island

    Montebello Cannonball 59° Premium Blended


    This Cannonball 59° Premium Blended, made by Montebello, comes from the assembly of Red Cane R579, Yellow Cane R570 cut by hand. It has been patiently brewed and reduced for 7 months in the Montebello rum vats.

  • Alcohol

    Montebello Jack – 10 years old 42% Cognac cask / Jack Daniels


    This MONTEBELLO Jack cuvée is a delicacy from the Carrère distillery.

    Indeed, it is an exotic distillate of 10 years aged in Cognac casks, refined in Jack Daniel casks and white wine.

    A daring mixture whose result is a marvel of innovation and taste.

  • Caribbean Island

    Montebello L’Equilibre, 15year-old- 47.2% limited edition


    It was in the humid and suffocating atmosphere of the cargo containers of the Montebello Distillery that the cask of Cognac spent its life.

  • Guadeloupe

    Montebello, Cannonball R1963, 63° Cognac/Jack Daniels


    Here is a new quality white rum from the House of MONTEBELLO, which should attract the attention of the world’s rum lovers…

    This CannonBall comes from the blend of two excellent ”Brut” from Colonne. A white from plot n°1 (red cane) of the Distillery LONGUETEAU and an Amber (red cane also) aged in oak barrels a little less than two years from MONTEBELLO.

    They were blended, brewed and reduced for 6 months.

  • Our Selection

    The Aperitif Box


    Add a Caribbean touch to your aperitifs with family or friends thanks to this quality assortment proposed by us.

    CARIBBEAN IS PARADISE offers you the possibility to invite the warmth and the conviviality of Guadeloupe and Martinique in your aperitifs through our special box.

    Enjoy an assortment of three quality rums from the MONTEBELLO distillery accompanied by two appetizers that will brighten your taste buds.

  • Alcohol

    The Bolokos – White Rum – Vintage 2019 – 70cl – 77,7°- Montebello


    The nose expresses itself on notes of earthy cane, gradually giving way to grapefruit zests. The mouth is an explosion of freshly cut cane, mixing with grey pepper. In the image of the Guadeloupean Punk group to which this rum pays tribute, this rum surprises by its intensity and originality in the world of Agricultural Rum. To be tasted at room temperature, or chilled.

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