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Logo Parfum des Iles

Our Company: Parfum des îles

The company was created in Martinique in 1996 and was taken over in 2008 by Véronicka Cormouls-Houles, who has managed to instil technicality and modernity while keeping the passion of this independent family business intact. The new generation represented by her daughter, Victoire, ensures the sustainability of its development.

Expertise And Innovation Of Tropical Fragrances

We use traditional or high-tech natural raw materials by assimilating the cultural, technical and artisanal specificities of the Tropical Islands. For over 20 years, Parfums des Iles has acquired a unique ability to develop fragrances for its perfumes and soaps by specializing in exotic and tropical scents. Parfums des Iles is the first artisan perfumer to use natural alcohol from the distillation of sugar cane in its creations, thus enhancing the Caribbean terroir.

Control of the manufacturing process of Parfum des Iles

In search of permanent progress, we integrate and develop the know-how, sourcing, transformation, creation, marketing and sales.

Traceability of Parfum des Îles’ productions

  • Involved at each step, we guarantee a total traceability of our raw materials and final products, as well as a transparency of our manufacturing processes.
  • A constant and close collaboration with laboratories in Grasse and Paris allows us to offer to our customers a rich palette with innovative properties and an optimized efficiency conferring all their authenticity to the creations of Parfums des Iles.
  • In perfumery, our partnership with a Doctor in Toxicology allows us to offer products that respect the standards of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association).
  • Our Master Soap-makers certificate indicates that all our soap production is carried out in accordance with the Master Soap-makers standard based on European cosmetic legislation and GMP directives (ISO 22716, Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices).

Parfums Des Iles CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy

To govern the company in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility and the following commitments


To maintain the company’s sustainability and preserve employment in the Martinique department.
Sustainable employment policy and development of internal partners.

Recycling and reduction of paper waste in the company.
Management of waste related to production activities.
Eco-design of products respecting the environment (perfume bar with refillable bottles).
Integration in the supply chain of French eco-responsible suppliers limiting their impact on the environment.

Patronage and culture
Support of artists’ associations and cultural exhibitions.
Partner of the Miss Martinique Committee: creation and distribution of the Miss Martinique perfume.

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