The Trois Rivières rums

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BBS, named after its founders Bellonnie & Bourdillon Successors, is deeply rooted in its native land of Martinique. Roots that go back to 1660 and 1749, birth dates of the Trois Rivières & La Mauny estates, 2 of its key brands.

An activity centered on the production of Agricultural Rum, based on pure sugar cane juice.


The instigator of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée des Rhums de la Martinique GROUPE BBS holds:

  • 1 Distillery at Rivière Pilote
  • 720ha of cultivated agricultural land, including 200ha used for sugar cane plantations
  • 30,000 tons of sugar cane crushed each year, of which
    • 11,000 tons produced of which nearly 40% is harvested by hand
    • 18,000 tons purchased externally from about 75 “small planters” grouped in the Association of Planters of La Mauny.
  • A production capacity of about 3 million Liters at 55% rum
  • 2 Tourist sites Trois Rivières & Rivière Pilote (100,000 visitors per year).

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