The Gozié Aw rythm

The Kas of the Gozié Aw brand are the result of the alliance between a know-how transmitted from generation to generation and a constant search for tactile, auditory and visual quality.


Spectator since his youth of the work of the calabash by his elders, the craftsman creator has always given a great importance to the History.

In particular his own and that of the town of Gosier which saw him grow up and to which he pays tribute in his choice of brand name.

The history of Guadeloupe, his island, and of his ancestors who guided him throughout his life, until he became the man he is today and who inspires him on what he would like to accomplish in the near future.

To accomplish in the near future.

Gozieaw is the multiplication of one man’s passion with years of Ka craftsmanship and modern technology: A timeless jewel.

This attachment is reflected in his creations which perfectly combine the past, present and future while meeting the expectations of quality.

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