The smoothness of Blue Light Caribbean Gin

Who are we?


Blue Light Caribbean Gin is hand-made on the tropical island of Grenada using local botanical.

We make our incredibly smooth gin only a few steps away from the white-sand beach. Does that influence the taste?

Yes. Of course. That Caribbean Dream everyone is talking about… we bottled it.

Established in 2018 at the Le Phare Bleu beachfront hotel, Blue Light is changing the way people look at gin.

The Caribbean is a stunning, lively place full of culture and relaxation.

We aim to tell a new Caribbean story for the world to hear (and taste).


Our distillery


Our distillery is the birthplace of Caribbean Gin. It is our creative space to explore the wonders of local flavour and the infinite possibilities of the distillation process.

Here we do everything by hand. From carrying and configuring boxes, to measuring the right amounts of spices, to labelling each bottle.

We believe that our boutique batch gin deserves the upmost level of attention.

Every bottle of Blue Light Caribbean Gin is made with a purpose.

The purpose is to capture, share and enjoy this beautiful Caribbean Dream.

Located only a few steps away from a white sand beach in one Grenada’s best beachfront resorts our little distillery is a colourful place.

Established in 2018 we have been making small batches from our little, solar-powered space.

We recently had a makeover, with an amazing hand painted mural to cover the main wall by the talented Paige Semianer.

This turned into a lot of late nights and a hands-on experience. But the results; priceless.

painted blue light caribbean gin distillery's wall with exquisite blue leaf
Blue Light Caribbean Gin distillery wall painted by Paige Semianer

Why our Gin and not another?


Without giving out all of our secrets…we can tell you one thing. Our gin is smooth. Super smooth.

It’s been our goal, and we’ve very happy to say that we have achieved what we set out to do.

Why is it so smooth? It’s got something to do with that soft, tropical rainfall


Taste it, you won’t be disappointed!


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