Martinique is a French island located in the Lesser Antilles. Nicknamed “the island of flowers”, this island discovered in 1502 by Christopher Columbus is known for its tropical weather and also for its agriculture, which is oriented towards the production of sugar cane and bananas. This island  is eighty kilometers long from north to south and thirty-nine kilometres at its widest point.

The famous Pelee Mountain, rises to over 4500 feet in the north of the island, and offers breathtaking hiking trails in the heart of the tropical forest! The white sandy beaches are mainly located in the south and are famous for the beautiful coves, wide bays and crystal clear waters suitable for turtles.

A refined island…

Martinique has inherited its love for fine gastronomy from France. Its Creole flavours combined with the French style know-how of its chefs will make you enjoy yourself in the many restaurants on the island during your next vacation in Martinique. Whether you prefer fish or meat, everyone will find his hearty joy around a good table, with a ti-‘punch as an aperitif. It is also the tasty expression of a history and know-how inherited from men from Africa, Europe and India.

… With the desire to achieve excellence.

With a resolute creative outlook, its chefs, market gardeners, fishmongers and distilleries cultivate and reinvent its audacious gastronomy on a daily basis. Its heritage of craftsmanship, the rich literature of renowned writers and great poets, music and dance, the art of living and gastronomy make Martinique a land of tradition and culture constantly in search of excellence.

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