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We owe the invention of Mojito to an English explorer, sea captain and privateer, Sir Francis Drake, who landed in Cuba in 1536 and discovered entire fields of sugar cane there.

Francis Drake, célèbre marin britannique, a mise au point pour son équipage en 1586 lors d'un voyage aux Caraïbes
sugar cane, canne-a sucre pour faire le mojito

From this plant, he extracts such a strong « eau-de-vie », that even for a pirate like him, he chooses to incorporate ingredients that are very useful to sailors:

  • mint, against nausea,
  • lime against scurvy
  • sugar to soften the taste
Histoire et recette sur le mojito-caribbeanisparadise

This cocktail-medication is baptized « El Draque » in his honor and spread throughout the island on the oustkirts of the sugar can fields.
In the 19th century, the drink arrived in town and the bars serve dit with sparkling water and ice. It then becomes « Mojito », a name inspired by the mojo which means « casts spells » in the local dialect.
Il will be known worldwide in 1939 thanks to Ernest Hemingway and to the Bodeguita Del Medio, Havan’s cult bar, and will become a must until today.

Below you will find the legendary recipe :

In a tumbler glass, pour 2 tablespoons of cane sugar and add half a lime, diced.
Crush everything with a pestle then add 7 leaves of fresh mint and crush again more lightly. Add 5cl of rum, a large quantity of ice cubes and then top up with sparkling water.

cocktail mojito

Mix everything and ENJOY !!!* with moderation

Some more tricks from Doc’ Mojito !

  • You can replace the sugar by a battery « siwo » or add it to the original recipe, for those who like the inimitable taste of this syrup from Marie-Galante.
  • When you cut your lemons into quarters, remove the white skin in the middle which gives bitterness when crushed
  • Serve with two straws, one of which will be shorter than the other, this allows you to drink your Mojito at two different levels to balance out the sugar that often remains at the bottom of the glass.

Shall we have it all? Cut a fresh sugar cane into 15 cm sticks, it will be an unforgettable stirrer for your guests!!!

And the advice from Caribbean is Paradise is that will make a huge difference and enhance your cocktail; do not hesitate to use rhum Montebello, the ultimate expression of Guadeloupe Rhum

Caribbean Is Paradise recommends for your Mojito cocktail recipes, 2 excellent bottles of Rum from Guadeloupe and Martinique

Rhum Blanc Agricole Montebello, OVATION, 50°

Straight from Guadeloupe, this white rum, named OVATION, pays homage to the growing work of Agricultural White Rums. is a ‘parcel’ white rum, which means that the canes used for its elaboration come from a single parcel, carefully selected for its qualities.

Speciale : Trois Rivières Cuvée de l’Océan 42%

Trois Rivières Cuvée de l’Océan presents
the singularity to have been made from the sugar cane juice raised “feet in the water” on the sunny plot of Anse Trabaud, located in the extreme
south of the island.

a Small video about how to make the best Mojito

Have a wonderful tasting and a great week-end!
Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume with moderation

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