The Archipelago of Guadeloupe

Land of Champions

Over the years, Guadeloupe has been able to take its place on the international scene thanks, in particular, to the quality of its rums (Montebello, Reimonenq, Bologna, Damoiseau, …), its top athletes (Teddy Riner, Thierry Henry, Laura Flessel-Colovic…), its artists (Patrick St-Eloi, Kassav, Greg Germain,.) and many other talented Guadeloupians.

Luxury Products and talented and Creative People

The liquors, artistic creations and productions of the Guadeloupians will please the most sceptical of you. The various international distinctions awarded to the best products of the island in their respective categories certify the culture of excellence present on the archipelago. The luxury items made in its archipelago are appreciated in all continents.

The Butterfly of the Caribbean

Nicknamed the butterfly of the West Indies, the archipelago of Guadeloupe, or Gwadloup, is one of the French overseas territories. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this beautiful archipelago consists of two main islands, Grande Terre and Basse Terre and a multitude of islands and islets close by (Les Saintes, Marie Galante, etc.), each with an exclusive field of excellence. Its postcard-like landscape makes it one of the destinations of the world’s most sought-after Caribbean.

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