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The Caribbean, with its unique flora and fauna, has an unrivaled range of spices and condiments. Come and discover our quality spices for a taste rediscovery that will satisfy the most gourmets among you. Pearl of flavors and jewels of culinary creations, now incorporate into your preparations a festival of taste that will drive your guests crazy about your kitchen.

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    Vanilla beans – Elégance des Papilles

     20.00 130.00

    Vanilla, a spice recognized and valued worldwide for its qualities, makes its appearance on CARIBBEAN IS PARADISE. The company, l’ÉLÉGANCE DES PAPILLES, based in St-Rose in Guadeloupe, is specialized in the preservation and processing of fruit.

    Their vanilla, which we propose to you, are the result of several years of work and studies in order to produce the best quality of organic vanilla possible.

    The result is amazing and will satisfy the taste buds of the lucky ones who will be able to taste it in a lovingly prepared pâtisserie.

    These exceptional vanillas are sold in batches of three pods. Enough to satisfy many of your sweet little sins.


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